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Wavier Certifications Level One(L-1) Individual Options (I/O) Parent Direct Program (PDP) ODJFS Medicaid (TDD) Delaware Local wavier, Supported Living and Transportation for Level 1 and Individual Options wavier. Medical Certification CPR, First Aid, AED, Medication Administration ,Universal Precautions, Blood borne Pathogens Cert 1 & 2 for Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy feeding tubes Behavior Certifications Safe Crisis Management (SCM) Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) Unusual Incidents (UI) Individual Rights Other Certifications ABA, Supported Employment Other Experiences Hello my name is Devlin Kibby. I have two boys. I've worked with family members with disabilities all my life, my little sister and my aunt. I also worked with ARC with Franklin county as a job coach . It's was a program that builds life skills for adults . As a provider I've worked with all ages from kids to Adults, Elderly and a married couple. I also worked with two elderly woman close to 93 years of age, Both passed one after the other and now are in a better place. I also worked with another woman thought her daughter privately at there home in reynoldsburg. I had to stop working do to her medical condition of cancer developing, She needed more nursing care to get through her Chemotherapy. Her daughter in law really loved the work I did and didn't want to let me go, But she needed care i couldn't provide. I love working with the elderly as my grandma is 89 and my aunt who has autism, We are very close. I work now in the morning with a special needs school The Learning Spectrum in canal winchester and I'm looking to make a change . Thank you for considering me and god bless.