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In 1981, when I was a five-year-old child, my mother became gravely sick with an illness her doctors could not diagnose. She often spent four to five months at a time in the hospital, recover enough to come home, but would fall ill again and again with no explanations. This went on for approximately seven years. During the time my mom was home my two sisters, brother, and I did everything we could to make her comfortable that we were capable of doing as children. Yet, seeing my mom in pain and so much discomfort instilled within me a tremendous sense of empathy and compassion. Despite the short periods of time she spent at home between hospitalizations, I developed a deep sense of appreciation for my mother because I missed her terribly. Thankfully, she finally came home and the relief was immense. My grandmother lived with us for 15 years due to her deteriorating health as a result of diabetes, cataracts, loss of hearing, and the loss of the ability to clothe and prepare her own food. I helped to dress her in the morning, attend to her left foot which she almost lost to gangrene. But we managed to heal it and she only lost her left big toe. She was still able to walk albeit with a walking chair. I loved to bake so I would make special desserts for her which she was allowed small portions. It was a great activity for us to bond together. She could watch me make it and give me tips. In college, I became a Caregiver for a quadriplegic man. Although, I didn't have experience caring for a paralyzed man, Michael told me he would explain what he needed on the job. My morning shift started at 7AM and I bathed his nude body, medicated his bedsores, emptied his catheter, performed physical therapy, and fed him his breakfast. If he had chores to complete during my shift, I'd dress him then move him from his bed to his wheelchair and into in his van. Once we finished his chores, I would put him back in his bed, remove his clothing, and clean his apartment.
Originally I became a Certified Nursing Aide in order to qualify as a Primary Home Care Supervisor. As I began to bring clients onto service and place the aides into the homes to assist the clients with activities of daily living my heart was changed by the needs of these lovely people, my clients. Caregiving is in my opinion is the most personal way to truly give back to the most frail of our society. It is incredibly rewarding in seeing the outcome of what some assistance will do! I have been an Ombudsman in Long Term Health Care facilities for the state of Texas further helping be a voice for those who may not otherwise be able to speak for themselves. Being able to assure that a resident has the most basic of services and is treated with respect is among achievements of which I am most proud. I bring 10 years of experience and ongoing education with private care clients. Acute Care, ALS, Dementia, Alzhiemers, Diabeties, Physical Therapy, Range of Motion and keeping clients engaged through activities of daily living. I routinely transport clients to Dr's visits, shopping, and their activities. I am a Texan, born and raised, who loves the outdoors. I am an avid gardener and an enthusiastic long distant cyclist. I am fortunate to have great health and enjoy being able to help give some of my strength to those who need it. Lisa

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)