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I believe myself to be a good candidate for your organization for several reasons. 1) I have worked most of my adult life giving care and helping those in need and in end of life situations. 2) I have an ability to get along very well with and relate to those whom I give care to. Personality wise I am calm and patient and very understanding and empathetic to the challenges people face when living through times of need. I understand what it is all about with Alzheimers victims and why they get confused, angry, depressed, regressed and even have outbursts of anger. I know why this happens and typically what is best to do when facing most of these situations. I also have deep concern for people who are in need of care, regardless of how disastrous the disease may or may not be. 3) What attracts me most to being a care giver for individuals at home is that I am directly helping them to keep out of the nursing home, when most want very much to stay at home in their own environment. 4) I am reliable - I am responsible and reliable in not only coming to work, but showing up for it in the first place! I rarely ever call in unless it is an all out unavoidable situation I won't call in, period. I realize the importance of my presence in the home as these people are not able to do the chores which need to be done around their homes, or to cook, or to get help with their personal care. I have 2 dependable vehicles, one being a big 4x4 truck that does quite well in heavy winter weather. For these reasons, you can depend on me to fulfill my responsibilities, and so can the client, and so can the client's family.