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I am a devout Christian. Caregiving is my passion. I have been a Nurse/Caregiver for 30+ years. I am 8 credits away from an R.N. degree, though not currently enrolled in school. I have contributed to a successful nursing facility through excellent/professional care, referrals and word of mouth. And that, I am proud of! Due to having a burden for people, I am always compelled to help those in need. As a Caregiver, I have always assisted children and elderly, the like. I was a Therapeutic Foster Parent for 8 years, having had the toughest cases to meet me at my doorstep. The challenges brought sweet rewards. I originally became a Caregiver when I assisted my mother with activities of daily living for mentally challenged, teenaged boys. It was so natural for me, that I immediately knew, this was my calling. I do my very best to meet all the needs of each individual, thereby, going above and beyond the call of duty. I have never been in trouble, of any kind. I never have: drink/smoke/profanity/drugs/alcohol/diseases/partying or anything of the such. I am very active in the church. I am very passionate about serving others, and even randomly assist my sister, who has MS, when she visits TX. I have a broad range of experience from MS, ALS, MSA, Cancer Recovery, Autism, Parkinson, and so much more!I've been helping others for 31 years, non-stop! I'm here to help your loved one live AT home, not IN a home! All of these aspects mentioned above, and many more, makes me an awesome Caregiver!
I am a very committed, loving, reliable and patient caregiver with over 15 years experience in both hospitals as well as the community ( patients homes/ hospices). I do impart what I do for my children at home in my clients homes; for the bulk of patients needing care are of the geriatric age with most times, underlying dementia probably secondary to stroke ( which could be mild, moderate or severe). With such clients one needs to exercise patience, tolerance, vigilance and also maintain their dignity; the latter in the way of grooming and keeping the environment clean, feeding at the right time, exercising ( if they can) and sleeping at the right time too. Keeping them engaged helps to dampen the loneliness that is so common among the elderly today! Because I am a "peoples" person, I enjoy being around patients/clients, listening patiently and responding verbally or providing their needs promptly. Having managed a lot of geriatric patients over the years, I am able to recognize a probable Urinary tract infection/ chest infection; they tend to get confused; in such situations I know to contact a doctor's office promptly. I am a believer of "if you don't document, it never happened "; so good documentation skills as well as organizational skills are some of my traits that have been beneficial in jobs where I did work independently. I do look forward to providing my style of care to any interested client! I am a health care professional taking a career break and have decided to extend my expert care to patients especially at home; exclusive of treatment/ management.