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I am naturally caring and compassionate person; So doing just so will give me sense of accomplishment that I am doing something good. A personal achievement for me was when one of the toughest person I am taking care of stated that I just made him feel important and apologizes for being mean and asked me to take care of him from that day on. And when I simply cover them with blanket while sleeping and says to you " Your such a sweet person and Thank you for taking care of me every night ". And that feeling of rewardness when simply you put a smile and genuine laugh when they see you. That is an accomplishments for me, at the end of the day, I go to sleep smilling, thinking I just made someone's day. I am hardworking, caring, compassionate, patient, understanding, dependable, reliable and flexible. I have been working in a Assisted Living and Memory Care Community for 5+ yrs as a Personal Care Assistant and Medication Technician. I assist individuals on their daily living routine i.e. Dressing, grooming, bathing, escorting, preparing their meals, assisting on their medication management. Assistance on incontinence care example changing their depends, emptying urinal and catheter. Light housekeeping and companionship. My services could simply be as follows: picking lunch/dinner, assistance on taking medications including insulin or checking sugar levels, making meals, running errands, giving rides to medical appointments, hair appointment And/or shopping & walking/exercise. My rate is negotiable depending on services needed. Please do not hesitate to message me for any questions.
Hi! My name is Rosanna. I had been a Caregiver for 9 yrs now. For years of doing this, I had no regret and I felt happier taking care of elderly people and or people who are sick, people who needs someone to assist them on their activities of their day to day living, to have a companion, to help them out if they are limited to some physical mobility or activities and be a tool to help them recover of their sickness and live their lives happily and dignified as they grow older. In this kind of work, I have learned how to be MORE understanding, patient and MORE compassionate. Elderly and sick people are so delicate in a way, because when people are already old and or are sick, they surely are too sensitive and they have to be treated with great care. All of us will experience these in the stage of our lives (being old or getting sick) and for me, I just want to treat people the way I want to be treated when my turn comes. Of all the years I had been doing this job, I had gathered and learned different kinds of experiences in the process, which helped me to do my job better and more effectively. The best rewards I get from this job are....... There are times when family of the person I took care of treated me like I'm part of the family already on the time I'm taking care of the client and even after the time the client had already passed away and this is one of the best feelings. When clients and their families would give good feedback in my agencies letting them know how satisfied and happy they were on how I took care of their loved one. These kinds of accomplishments that you can't find in a job in front of a computer and those appreciations and good responses that are more valuable and priceless than money. All of these put together, I would say that my job is not just work. It takes a lot of compassion and an honest performance of your duties and responsibilities to be an effective one and I'm proud to be a Caregiver!