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When I think back through my life of how I've gotten to where I am today, I would have to say I've always been a Caregiver. In fact I really think that God put within me the traits needed to fulfill what my purpose in life would be, to Care for people. Empathy and Compassion for the struggles and needs of people, come from the difficult times I've had throughout my life and gratitude for those who came along to mentor and offer compassion to me. Being a Caregiver has been a natural progression from being a caregiver to my family and close friends (3 Grand Parents with Alzheimer's disease, 3 Children, and now 4 Grand Children) to taking care of Children in my own State Licensed Home Daycare for many years, to being a substitute teacher and teachers aid, and working with a Widow's Group in my Church. The final decision to use this passion for people and pursue the training to be a professional caregiver, came at a crisis point in my life when I became the caregiver and legal guardian/conservator for my youngest son who at the age of 24 was hit by a van and was hospitalized for 2 1/2 months for a Traumatic Brain Injury. He was in a coma for a month with two years of rehabilitation after leaving the hospital. Going through that traumatic experience with my son also put me around many other people experiencing life changing events, whom I was able to help by encouraging and giving information I learned along the way. After my son got out of the hospital I went back to school and took training to be a Medical Assistant, I used that training and knowledge to go into home care. People need each other and God put us hear on this earth to be His hands and feet, to be caregivers, Helping one another...It is my passion to help those who desire and need the help.