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Hourly wage is negotiable I decided to become a caregiver because of my grandmother. As far back as I can remember she was a home health aide, I enjoyed watching her interact with her patients and making them feel comfortable. After watching my grandmother interact with her patients, i decided to try out the caregiver/assisted living/geriatric world in 2005, where i fell in love with the industry. I have been a caregiver for geriatrics and mental health for up to 10 years and have always enjoyed it. I have worked with patients that have all stages of Alzheimer's and dementia, including sun-downers, also patients with MS and ALS. With all patients, i like to get to know the family and help them understand and cope with Alzheimer's disease as well as MS and ALS and other diagnoses, which all can be very hard for some families to cope and understand. Not only do i care and look after the patient and their needs, but i also look after and care for the families. Because although, they are not being cared for by the aides, they too still need help at times. I am always there for the families for a shoulder to cry, a venting board, or just when they need help out or around the house. I do not only do my specific job duties, i do things that are not asked of me, i treat your home like i do mine. When i see that something needs to be done, i take it upon myself to complete that task. For example, dishes in the sink, dusting, trash overflowing, or helping a family member with something. I have assisted with assembling an entertainment center before, just to be a helping hand.