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Hi, my name is Amanda, I am looking for a job. You need some who you can trust with you'r love one, that person is me. I am available to work with you, if you need some one good like me to take care of your love one. I promiss you, you will not be disappointed with me, because I am the person you are looking for to take care of you'r love one. I am bilingual and love people. Because I saw the strogle and pain my father went through, I choose to give love and care to the Senior's. I have special love for the seniors . I work with cancer patient, at M.D.A.C. Hospital as Patient Access specialist for 18 yrs, I quit my job to take care of my 93 yr old Father for 3yrs and he pastaway August 2011. So I change my job discription to become a care giver and love the elders and take care of them and let them know that some body care for them and be there advocate. I saw some of the worker in the nursing home did not treat the senior's good, when my father was in the nursing home. This was my experience so that is why I change my job title, by the way I have 4 yrs of expirience as a care giver. What is my achievement? when my client is happy that make's my day and I feel good that my client knows that there is some body, who care about them and love them. This job, requires some one who have the calling to be a caregiver, you must be loving, patient, allways smiling, willing to listen for the need of other people and be willing to give a helping hand.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)