Marylyne S.

$18.50 / hr

What makes you a great caregiver? Because I truly Love my patients and they Love me, I Love caring for them. I take pride in my work. I Love and care for my patients just as I would my own parents, if they were still here in this life. I pray that when my time comes for me to need care that God would send me a Marylyne that Love and care like I do. Why did you become a caregiver? When I was much younger I use to help my 2 older sisters with their kids and I would go and help my older neighbor's. I would sit and talk with them and do little chores to help them out. I was always a caring person. My on ly regret is that I didn't go further in my field of nursing. I've worked with mothers and new born babies, hospitals, nursing homes, group homes with foster care, and private duty. What is a personal achievement you are proud of? Personal achievement that I'm proud of is ALL of the acknowledgements that I have received from my patients and there families, as well as doctors and nurses, and other staff. ... more