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***I worked for 5 years as a Police Officer for the Ogden City, Utah P.D. I graduated from the Utah Police Academy. The Police Academy provided weeks of intensive First Aid & Trauma Response Training. I served 3 years in Patrol as a First Responder for all types of Medical Emergencies, Serious Automobile Accidents, Overdoses & All Criminal Activity. ***I received several commendations while in Patrol and was promoted to Detective after the first 3 years. I was assigned to the Crimes Against Children Division where I conducted dozens of complex investigations involving Child Abuse, Neglect and Crimes of Child Sexual Abuse. ***I also attended & graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor's Degree Political Science and Social Sciences. ***I was the founding partner of Thurgood Development Company. We Developed & Built 8 major Senior Residential Projects in N. Utah from 1986-2017. I understand & appreciate the needs of seniors especially as it comes to living independently & as safely as possible. I know from direct experience that Seniors & the Disabled very much want to maintain their independence. ***I volunteered and trained 2 days per week for 7 years at Manor Care Nursing Home in S. Ogden, Utah. ***I retired from construction in 2017 but soon found myself wanting the work with Seniors again. I went to work for a Leading In-Home Senior Care firm in SLC. I underwent significant additional training and have several Utah State mandated Certifications in First Aid, Elder Care etc. ***After 4 months with the Leading In-Home Senior Care firm I was chosen as their CARE-GIVER OF THE YEAR. I am assigned as Exclusive Care Giver for 3 of their VIP's, whose names are household words in all of Utah. ***I have many references from persons who I have cared for and dozens from Seniors that I have built homes for over the past many years. I am 6'3"- 220 lbs and well trained in personal protection. My clients are safe when I am there with them.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Medication Aide (CMA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Home Care Aide (HCA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)