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what makes me a great caregiver to me is that i have a very strong passion for the job, its not just a job to me its something i love and enjoy doing. the fact that I am able to help someone with daily duties and make it easier for them make my heart warm i have children of my own so i understand the process of not being able to help yourself i just love being a caregiver for the residents for kids its my passion and something i see myself growing old doing. i became a care giver because of my mom. she opened up her own daycare center and id help out with everything's down to changing kids diapers. soon after high school my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, it took a a lot for me to except the fact that she was ill but it didn't stop me from wanting to help her as much as i could shortly she passed and that's what kind of got my eyes open in senior care i then went on to job core and completed my trade in home health aide and from there its been something iv been doing since. i consider it my gift to help those who still have time to enjoy what life they do have left. the one thing i like about being a care giver is building a connection with my residents iv had a few pass away on me but i still had that connection something i can carry on with me knowing i changed someones life in some way even the smallest way even if they don"t remember to me I am helping them and to me I am changing a life. a personal achievement to me is just growing mentally in this field of work cause it isn't easy but staying focus and being patient with residents is something iv grown to control and for that i feel was one of my most personal achievements.