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My name is Gra (Gracyn) McVey, and I am a certified Personal Care Aid with a passion for vulnerable populations! I first began caregiving professionally following experiences when my own family members needed care. I recognized the need for kind, dedicated caregivers in my community and felt that my personal inclination towards empathetic, compassionate service would make me a good fit for professional caregiving. Since then, I have been working for families to provide quality, dependable care for clients with a wide variety of needs. I have experience working with people with many different types of disabilities, age-related diseases, and temperaments, and I truly feel that caregiving is my calling. I am also working towards my master's degree in occupational therapy, so I'm learning and employing a lot of wonderful, client-centered therapeutic techniques as I master them. I love old movies and music, gardening, reading to clients, and I enjoy cooking once I know how a person likes their food prepared. I am light-hearted, easy-going and like to incorporate humor and affection into my care. I consider what I would want for my own family member in approaching every job, and I am always honest and will turn down a job if I do not feel I'm equipped to provide the necessary level of care. In general, I love my clients, and based on my previous employers' feedback, my clients and their families love me, which is very fulfilling and gratifying.