Pamatha S.

$20.00 / hr

I believe to be a good caregiver you must have been a caregiver to family or friends. You cannot learn these things of compassion, and being a advocate in a classroom, it's much more involved. I have worked at the largest medical insurance provider, a mental health institution, and Prov Hosp ER Dept. So learned a lot there but it wasn't until I had 3 children of my own that I got over 20 years of experience. One of my daughters has Autism. I had to be her voice and advocate to get the best State services. The recent agency that was caring for her was shut down by the State for numerous violations includ ing embezzlement. I pointed out these things about 6 years ago but the corruption in the management blocked further disclosure to the State. It was heartbreaking to see this happen. I got labeled as mentally ill and to be ignored. I didn't care and continued pushing the envelope and got the attention of the Asst Attorney General for Child Abuse and Neglect. I have worked at Nordstom for many many years and Embassy Suites as the night Manager of entire hotel. However impressive it sounds my calling and job I am most proud of is Mother. It's taught me that a job should be your passion and not measured by your paycheck. ... more

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Oct 1998 - Aug 2018

Sold clothing in almost all departments. Became a cert fit specialist. Merchandising, display and stock cross trained. Supervised employees in absence of Mngr. Achieved top 10 in sales within 6 months of working in sales dept. Currently on call, so I can be flexible to being caregiver.


Primary Caregiver


Dec 1994 - Dec 2014

Autistic Daughter of my own. I went through many courses with the largest facilities in State to gain sole responsibility for her entire life. With many years of hard work was able to get her to point where she is now living in her own apartment with a Assisted Living Agency. I still remain as always her advocate for her needs.Being her Mother of course I visit often and we spend time together just as a normal Mother Daughter would . ... more


Guest Services Night Manager

Embassy Suites

Apr 2008 - Apr 2009

Sole Manager of hotel on weekend nights. In charge of hotel's bank/safe, that had to be counted down to penny every night. Prepared nightly reports of room and beverage sales for day shift to compare to other hotels business. Inspected random rooms per hotel standards. Submitted my impression on future employees as well as implemented policy of discharging employees. Dealt with customers that were unhappy with service. Upon hiring the satisfaction rate was 64% and within 6 weeks was at 92%, this was a goal set to do in 6 months. ... more




Jun 2004 - Jan 2007

Did all office duties including payroll, taxes, customer relations, hiring and discharging of employees, converted rough draft estimate into professional copy, balanced budget and overhead as well as submitting documents for credential for licencing.


Sr Admit Specialist

Providence Medical Center

Apr 2003 - Apr 2004

As patients came in via Medic I gathered necessary information to identify the patient. Started account and banded the patient. Many times the patient critical and not verbal, I then had to look through their belongings that were usually saturated in bodily fluids for some identification. If none found the patient became a Jane or John Doe. I then had to somehow wait till patient able to give a name then search our data base or if had name of friend or family contact them. I generated the aging reports for outstanding balances for the accounting department to continue the procedures. Dealt with extremely difficult patients that had a substance abuse problem and intoxicated, mentally ill, or very ill with other medical issues. I could not let my emotions get out of control. ... more


Office Manager

Fairfax Hospital

Sep 2002 - Mar 2003

Greeted patients as they arrived, prepared chart, took notes on patients state of being while on phone or in office. Called insurance companies or outstanding balances and advised the Dr. how to word charts to get paid for services offered. In absence of Dr. kept patient calm until he arrived, not a easy thing to do. I began to study Psychology and mental health illnesses while at office.


Lvl III CS Rep/RX Drug Specialist

Blue Cross of WA/AK

Jan 1990 - Jan 1995

Took a high volume of calls related to contract benefits and denials. Adjusted claims for payment or denial. Promoted to higher level and then did written correspondence to Drs. and customers. Promoted again to Drug Specialist which I approved or denied medications that were out of contract benefit schedule. Dealt with very irate and hostile customers regarding denials of claims with large balance due that their contract didn't all ow. Also dealt with customers suffering from fatal illnesses and tried to advise them of what would be covered. ... more

Certifications / Licenses

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


Sunrise Services, Everett


2002 - 2002


Mount Lake Terrace High School


1981 - 1984