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It's 5-14-2019 and I'm UPDATING my profile to reflect an exciting change! I've decided to exclusively seek two new scheduling options: Live-out, working two or three 24hr shifts, each week OR Live-in, with 2 or 3 days on-duty, each week. I've also lowered my rate to $15/hr to encourage more of you to give 24hr shifts your serious consideration. They really are a great value - a caregiver is in your home with your loved one for 24hrs but you're only charged for 12hrs of service. If you'd like to save 50% of your caregiving cost, please contact me for more information. Thanks! About Me...The smile you see in my profile picture is practically a permanent fixture! My faith gives me joy inside that shows-up on my face. I love being a caregiver because I get to brighten my client's day & make life a little easier for the whole family by backing up that smile with experience & skill. I started caregiving by helping my Mom babysit. I grew-up to become her full-time caregiver during last the 8 months of her life. I spent a total of 11 weeks as her live-in caregiver during in-patient rehab. There, I was trained to assist her with eating, mobility, bathing, etc. My Mom's hospice care nurse often complimented me on the dignity & thoroughness of my caregiving. She suggested I consider it as a career. Shortly after my Mom passed, I became a professional caregiver employed by Home Helpers of Greater Milwaukee (HH). Working with HH was a great experience. They matched me with long term clients that became like family to me & I, to them. They also provided me with valuable on-the-job & classroom training that included Dementia Caregiver Certification and funding my CBRF Certification. My goal and my passion is to care for my clients the same way I would want someone to care for me or my loved ones. It would be my pleasure to serve as your caregiver. Please contact me if you have any questions, today. Thank you! - Stephanie