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I have been an private caregiver thru an private agency for over 11 yrs. I love to work w/ elders & aim for their quality of life . I have always been involved w/ elderly care starting w/ my father's declining health as a teenager . Regardless , there were many pluses & capabilities my father was independent of and I reveled in his daily individual accomplishments ....sharing his needs & independence also made me aware of how important life still is to have complete quality care of life. I continue that same belief till this day @ my age w/ all my past & present clients. My goal is to break down stereotype barriers that elders are incapable of independence & quality of life. My goal is simply seeing they accomplish the simplistic dailies ...,interact w/ individual exercises , mental and physical motor skills . My rewards is listening to their past lives . Conversations also stimulate their memories & keep it intact . I am also very experienced w/ speech care , able to detect early barium necessities & continue speech exercises . Professionally I am also experienced w/ tube feeding. I am also familiar w/ colostomy , incontinence care , R.O.M. , fluid & solid intake & out , Dr. Appts., domestic errands , outings & several other personal needs. I have worked w/ progressive to aggressive Alzheimer's and also mental incompetence such as szhorzephernia , dementia and bi-polar . I also prepped great teams and have been a lead caregiver over the years besides a teamworker . A great team matters for the quality of care for a client. My pride stems from great teamwork in order to continue our client's content and outstanding long term care .
I am an experienced caregiver and was a certified CNA who has been working for the past 11 years now. I love this job, I soon discovered it was my calling - I am very committed, dedicated and passionate about what I do - I have a sincere desire to take care, help, protect and look after the elderly, frail, sick and the weak who are incapable of taking care of themselves to the best of my ability. I took care of clients with a variety of health issues and severe diseases ranging from diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's, congestive heart failure, stroke, cancer and hospice clients. I like working and have worked with clients on a one to one basis inorder to be able to focus solely on the care needed by the client in a home setting. I have worked with my previous clients from the day they hired me until the end. I have treated all my clients with the utmost patience, compassion,respect, empathy, devotion and gave them the best care possible to ease their discomfort and suffering. I maintained positive attitude when faced with unforeseen challenging situations such as client's mood swings or abrupt change of behavior, temperament or health condition. Since I have taken cared of them for years, it was inevitable that I developed a genuine strong bond and fondness with them and their families and treated them like my very own blood, thus gaining the trust of the client and made me to perform my job easier and better. I am an easygoing, enthusiastic, happy, pleasant, good communicator, very hardworking, trustworthy, dependable and flexible caregiver who will work above and beyond your expectations should you consider hiring me to take care of your loved one.