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CareLinx is a trusted nationwide home care platform with over 400,000 professional caregivers that help improve health outcomes while reducing cost of care. Our innovative approach amplifies the effectiveness of clinical teams by using tech-enabled caregivers who serve as their eyes, ears, and arms in the homes of patients and members.
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High-quality nationwide home care network

Experience high-quality home care that exceeds industry norms. Our nationwide network of over 400,000 in-home caregivers consistently delivers customer satisfaction NPS ratings of 60+ in an industry where the average NPS rating is 6.

Home access, visibility, and transparency

Extend your reach into the home setting via our caregivers. Observe health conditions and in-home data that improves customer health profiles. Intervene as needed to keep seniors healthy and healthcare costs low.


Increase your labor pool at a fraction of the cost. We have a nationwide workforce deployable with centralized training, coordination, and communication capabilities. Our virtual marketplace enables market-leading price efficiencies.

Actionable information

Our mobile app and population dashboard offer real-time in-home data and alerts providing you with unprecedented intervention opportunities.

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