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I became a caregiver quite by accident. I was laid off of my job and at the same time my brother in law's grandparents had reached a point where they needed help so I started working for them. I went over at 8:30 am and spent the day. Started with breakfast, fixed Ms. Ada's coffee, fed cats, made beds, cleaned house, did laundry, grocery shopping, mowed yard, transportation when needed to go to Doctor or any where they needed to go. I am a very caring and compassionate person who want's to make sure that any elderly person has the best quality of life they can have when they are not quite able to do the everyday things but are still able to stay in they're own home. Paw Paw had to go to a rest home in November 2013 and I would take Ms. Ada to see him 3 times a week. Sadly he passed in May of this year so Ms. Ada went to stay in Florida with her daughter for an extended vacation. In the mean time I still mow they're yard and check on they're house. They have a daughter that lives here and goes by everyday to pick up mail. I am proud of the fact that since I had never thought about being a caregiver I really enjoyed it and everyone in their family told me what a wonderful job I was doing and they were so relieved I came along when I did. I am registered on, you can see my profile and letter of reference there. I think it is very important for anyone to be able to stay in their own home when they become elderly, I think your health stays better, you are most likely no