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I would not be where I am today without my grandmother. When I was born, she was a middle-aged school superintendent with a passion for her students, but she was infected with Lyme's Disease just after my birth and has been bedridden ever since. This never stopped her from teaching, however: despite her condition, she read me Bible stories and children's books until I fell asleep. She read to me so much, in fact, that I knew how to read by the age of 3, and encouraged me to continue working hard academically throughout my young life. Her passion for my success has led me to Duke Law School, where I will begin studying this fall. My dream is to become a quality lawyer, and earn enough money someday to build her an extension from my house and pay off her medical debts. Eventually, if everything breaks right, I might be on the other end of this transaction, hiring some kid my age to take care of her. This summer I am thrilled to be offering my services to anyone who has need in the Research Triangle area. I will only be available for a few months (I'm getting married and starting law school in mid-August), but I believe that I will prove to be worth your while. I have significant experience with home-bound people and have driven professionally in a law office job for four years. I have strong attention to detail and a positive demeanor, so I won't accidentally forget about my client's needs, but they won't think I'm a drill sergeant, either. No job is too big or too small for me -- it's all about taking good care of your loved one. If you are interested in speaking with me, or if you want to give me more time to make my case, email me at I look forward to hearing from you!