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Hi, I am Juanita. I welcome the opportunity to meet new clients and build a long term healthy relationship. I am an adventurous, compassionate, and well rounded person who love caregiving. Most importantly, I would like to help those who are seeking improvement, regain their independency and a better stage of life. I have a client/patient first policy and I respect their needs and privacy. I am a nonsmoker who encourages healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Having several years of experience as a personal assistant allows me to exercise my multitasking and excellent customer service skills. I love assisting the elderly, adults and children and I am great with pets. In addition to these skills, I have a passion for cooking, medication reminder and prompting, calendar maintenance, housesitting, organizing, bill payment, grocery shopping, transportation to and from appointments, personal shopping, clerical tasks, arts and crafts, chaperoning, escorting to social events, traveling, and more. I also enjoy working with the disabled and assisting with daily activities such as heavy lifting and promoting independent living. My preferences are live - in positions but there are exceptions where I will accept nonresident positions. I prefer to live in a very private and organized home setting. Yet, I have a passion for music, dance, events, socializing and entertaining. I welcome the opportunity to meet children and new people. I am capable of adjusting to different cultures, styles and ambience. I am always open to training and learning new methods and styles that comforts you. I can adjust to requests and can easily adapt to new experiences. Considering the circumstances, accepting a nonresident opportunities are options. I can work flexible schedule to accommodate the client's and company's needs. I would love the opportunity to forward my references and discuss how I can accommodate you and your family.
First and for most i am a people person who believe in great humility. Basically treat all people in a right way, respect an acknowledge them regardless of their background. I always believe that i was born to help others specially those who are in need of someone who can be there for them as well as be supportive of their situation they facing in life to the point of life treating situation. I was born to be a care giver in different ways specially when it comes to an emotionally part of someone who feel helpless, whether life is treating by death or alive person but whose emotions are hurt by something/ someone but i am the candidate who definitely have to be there in order to avoid physical or psychological injury or mentally disturbed. Because one of the reason why people are cripple, sick, lonely or helpless its because of being emotional hurt which i am a candidate who believe strongly in giving love and caring or be supportive to others when they need you. Basically be available for those specially in need of someone to support when they going through. The most achievement i live and proud of with is when people coming to me and say they are free with suffering from their mind up to their life because i took a stand in helping them. This is coming even from the strangers and end up being a friend with them. But main thing because i was there for them even if they needed a COURAGE, STRENGTH, LOVE and be SUPPORTIVE - be there FOR THEM which is who i am.