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Hey my name is Saypee Kennedy and I've been working in the health field for 6 years. During those years I've worked with individuals ( elderly and kids) with Cerebal Palsy, Dementia, crisis behaviors, high medical needs, Parkinson, Alzheimer's, seizure disorders, schizophrenia, depression disorder, companionships ETC. Through all those variety medical problems, I'll never trade my job for anything else. I enjoy working with people and being involved in their lives to help them feel normal like you and I to meet their goals/needs. I was exposed as a little girl going to work with my mom and I found myself helping her out too. People don't ask for their disabilities or expect to be limited as they age so I take my job extremely serious to make sure they're comfortable and happy. I give the individuals respect and dignity. My personality also fits the job because I'm enthusiastic, I'm full of joy , & I'm reliable. When I enter the room I try to brighten it up with a positive energy and a big smile. I go above and beyond as well. I also have a lot of patience and I don't give up. I'm attentive and I build trust with my individuals so they're comfortable when I'm doing care or even being around them. I treat them like the way I'll do for a love one whenever I walk in the door or even in public outings. I show empathy, I'm respectful and I show no negative judgement. Being a caregiver is my heart desire since I was young and I've families who are nurses and doctors as well. I enjoy companionship, promoting independence, assisting, and overall just being there for them. I feel good inside when I know my individuals are happy and satisfied with my care and presence. A personal achievement for me is going above and beyond, seeing that there's growth in their progress and seeing that they're happy for me to be around.