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Hi my name is Pam I became a caregiver back in 2013. I was working as an aide with special needs kids. The child that I was working with had Down Syndrome. Her parents ask me if I would apply through the state and become her caregiver at home so I did. While working with her I received a call from an Independent Provider who was looking for someone to fill in hours to cover shifts. He explained that I would be taking care of two brothers that had Friedreich's Ataxia. Both brothers were very dependent on me to assist them with daily living skills. This is how I became a caregiver. I love being a caregiver. I love the fact that I get to make a difference in some ones life. While working with kids I get to see them grow and become more independent. To know that I had a part in that makes me happy. While working with adults and Seniors I get to help them do things that they just can not do on their own anymore, be a companion, and be a comfort. To me it is a blessing to help make their world a little easier. Somethings that make me a great caregiver are I am dependable. In my three years I have never called off sick one time or never not shown up for my clients. I am organized, I go above and beyond, have good communication skills, show empathy and I put others first. One proud personal achievement I have is I just became an STNA. I was not sure how I would do since I have not been in school for over 20 years but I did it. Now I am hoping to go back to school with in one year for nursing.