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I am kind hearted and love to look after others. My grandmother has had a caregiver ever since I was a very young little girl. I always loved going over to her house and keeping her company talking about my daily activities and telling her what I would learn in school, till this day when I go back home to visit I still find myself going to her house and telling her about my college experiences. I noticed how my parents and aunts and uncle would take care of her when her caregiver was never around and it was great seeing all the family together as one helping out another family member in need. I want to be able to help other families like that it makes my heart fill up with love knowing there are families like mine that will come together to help one another in need. Although, I know I am not really apart of your family I would love to become one! I like knowing that my companionship and my help truly means something to someone that really wants me there by their side. I love to clean and cook and make the environment feel like a loving home. I am a responsible young adult who likes to get things done when needed too. A personal achievement that I am proud to have done would be the trust I gained from my grandmother, I was able to show her that I could also help her in ways that her sons and daughters help her out. I was capable of doing the exact same things they did too and it took a while to show her that but in the end it was worth the wait.