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I am a 29-year-old, compassionate, caregiver with over 10 years of experience. My experience started when I was 16 working as a dietary aide in a nursing home. After a year, I went through training and was certified as a CNA. I continued to work in the nursing home as a CNA for an additional three years. During this period, I grew very attached to so many great individuals who wanted to see nothing else than a pretty smile. After four years in the nursing field, I was given the opportunity to take care of an elderly woman who had became wheelchair bound. She and her husband lived by themselves on a farm in Bremen and needed someone to cook, clean, bathe them, run errands, etc. After 9 months, she passed away due to illness, but I continued to care for her husband for the next 7 years, in which time, he too passed away at 93. During these 8 years, the position grew into 24/7 care. I was entrusted to manage the whole operation and, in the end, had 5 ladies who I supervised and scheduled. My duties as the supervisor included paying bills, paying the caregivers, hiring (as the operation grew), firing, taking him to doctor's visits, suggesting medical attention, tracking medical history, and keeping a close relationship with the doctors and family. Among these duties, I also cooked, cleaned, bathed him, dressed him, mowed his lawn, cut his hair, gave him routine medicines, and various other duties.

Skills & Certifications: CNA