Innovating Better Care For All

High-quality, affordable home care for improved quality of life and peace of mind.

The beginning of CareLinx

My motivations for founding and growing CareLinx are deeply personal. In the early 2000s, my family and I struggled to find quality, affordable home care for my sister, at one point quadraplegic and blind with multiple sclerosis, and uncle, who required total care 24/7 due to ALS.

My experience? Home care agencies were expensive. Caregivers were not properly compensated for their hard work resulting in constant turnover. Care consistency was low. Transparency and peace of mind were hard to come by. And more. Home care left me feeling frustrated and discouraged. There had to be a better way.

It was from these experiences that I founded and developed CareLinx. CareLinx delivers a new, higher standard to the home care industry. Our model improves the standard of living of caregivers resulting in higher quality of care while also improving the affordability of care by leveraging state-of-the-art technology in the hands of the industry's best caregivers. Our model delivers true peace of mind and an improved quality of life for caregivers and the families we serve nationwide. From my family to yours, welcome to better care for all.

- Sherwin Sheik, Founder & CEO, CareLinx.

Our purpose and mission

Delivering home care quality that is 10x higher than the industry average.

Caregivers on CareLinx have higher pay, schedule flexibility, and their choice of employers. They respond in kind with the highest-quality service in the industry.

Delivering true peace of mind.

We’re the nation’s largest technology-enabled home care network specifically designed for senior care. Our 500,000+ rigorously vetted professional caregivers are tech-savvy, providing our clients with real-time insights & data. Our nationwide footprint eliminates geographic concerns, delivering peace of mind to families who live or work away from a loved one who needs care.

Increasing home care access and affordability.

As a technology company with an online nationwide network of professional caregivers, we’ve made home care up to 50 percent more affordable than traditional brick-and-mortar agencies.

Improving quality of life for caregivers and families.

CareLinx improves quality of life for all. Customers get higher-quality care at lower prices; caregivers choose their own clients, wages, schedules and service areas. Everyone benefits.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Sherwin Sheik
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Work: 10+ years in Healthcare & Finance.
Education: Bachelor of Applied Mathematics, University of California, San Diego; Master of Business Administration, University of California, Los Angeles.
Loves: His family, wife and two daughters; skiing; helping families find high-quality affordable home care.
Vincent Dee
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
Work: Urban Zen, Hitachi GST, and Cloud Nine Media.
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Technology, San Francisco State University.
Loves: Innovation, food travel, and his uncle, for whom Vincent personally provided home care while in high school.
Yeong-Ping Koh
Co-Founder & Vice President of Product
Work: PayPal, Square, Inc., and PayClip.
Education:  Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, Bachelor of Economics, and Master of Industrial Engineering, Stanford University.
Loves: Family and 3 kids; fan of Apple products and smart gadgets; building products that make a difference in people’s lives.
Dan Weinreib
Vice President of Strategy
Work: 15 years in healthcare working for national & regional health plans, Gorman Health and Shearwater Health, focused on govt programs, health insurance and risk-based initiatives.
Education: Bachelors in Arts from Clarkson University.
Loves: My family, cooking, entertaining and developing partnerships that deliver innovative healthcare solutions.
Francesca Rinaldo
Chief Medical Officer
Work: Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics, Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center, Sharecare.
Education: BA Public Policy Analysis, the University of Chicago; MD, PhD The University of Louisville School of Medicine.
Loves: Healthcare delivery innovation, her husband and daughter, skiing, gardening and photography.