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I have been in the medical field as a CNA for 9 years plus. I recently lost my license due to state issues, & would really like to continue working in the health field. Because I really love, enjoy, & I have a passion for taking care of others. I love being around other people that need the help, because I love to here their stories, listen to things people dont want to, or have time for. And over the 9 years plus i have been working with all these different types of people, I have noticed they also tell and give you some pretty good advice and wisdom. Even if they cant talk they always have a story whether you know it or not and I would be that one care giver that would talk to them and try and get them to tell it thru gestures or eye contact. I like to get to know my patients a little more than others so they can get the proper care they need and deserve. I have took care of all types of patients & residents from a quadriplegic, rehab, tube feeders, mentally challenged(adults mostly, little experience with kids, but I'm always up to trying and learning new things), nursing home residents, home health care patients, private care patients, hospice patients, and I have also been a bath aide. I would really appreciated if I was given another chance at caring for people. It's almost been a year since I lost my last medical field job and I'm just really trying to get back into it. If you have any questions regarding my state issues with my license, please feel free to email me@ or text me@ 4zero54five82five5five. And yes I'm available for weekends and live ins(no more the 4 days unless taking vacation or emergency) thanks in advance