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Hello! I'm Victoria and I've been a caregiver for several years. I decided I needed to help people since my brother had a devastating motorcycle accident 25 years ago that changed his life forever. I remember one day in the hospital with him, he said " I can't even reach that drink off the shelf, how can I do anything?" This was all with a whisper since his voice was paralyzed then. He fell 35 ft over the freeway ramp bailing his roommate's friend out of jail that he never met. This girl never thanked or visited him, nor did she pay him back. I was raised well. Just like my brother, to help others. This is why I'm a caregiver. My brother was studying to be a chef. He had to change his life and fast. He finished up top of his class at Sam Houston state in business and now is one of the top producers at Morgan Stanley. Married and just had a baby. He is a quad and stronger than ever. Taught extreme sports camp, is mayor's advocate to the handicapped and runs ( on a hand cycle ) the Houston handicapped marathon every year, talking on the news. Life changes for the better and can Humble us. So, I became the best chef my brother taught me to be, the best writer I published myself to be, the best poet and the best friend and caregiver. I have experience with ALS, autism, kidney disease, cancer, stroke, heart issues, pacemakers, MS, hospice, disabilities, all home care, meds, bathing and grooming, hospice care, bedding, hiv, physical therapy, etc. Many more to mention, as I'm a good worker and kind hearted. I am background checked and fingerprint scanned with a clean driving record, new background check for this company. -Victoria