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Originally I came from Australia. Just before I married on the East coast I completed my GED for equivalent standard of high school completion.Then I decided to continue my education in college to become a nurse . I changed my course but continued to work with TLC Nursing agency. There I received my HHA then my CNA certificate. I received thorough training and education with common diseases elder people have and familiar with their medications.Also had some experience with Hospice very positive environment where family members come & go. For 6 months I experienced an Alzheimers unit upstairs in a nursing home. Twelve patients together can be quite stressful and decided to move into private care. For the last 8-10 years I have focused on private care. Either young adults, men or women & a few married couples. Some of my personal achievement is that I have come close to family members who come to trust me. Also I'm married and have 4 wonderful children who I feel connected to. I'm an independent worker, organized to keep things neat & clean.Honest and can be creative if needed and respect others opinions.There are boundaries in caring for others so My attitude is to be professional in my responsibilities. I speak English great and I'm a non-smoker. I can cook because I was going to be a chef but elderly people are simple/bland in some tastes. As long as they get some good nutrition for their body to keep working right. I own some dogs and can also look after and love Rover.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant