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Hi my name is Derek and I am a recent college graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English Literature. My entire family is in the healthcare industry starting with my aunt Kim who is a registered nurse and also an EMT at the same fire department that my uncle John, is the chief of. My cousin Raina is a med tech at a nursing home in her home town. My sister is nearing the completion of her Masters in Clinical Psychology and will be starting her big internship at Butler Hospital very soon. It seems the caregiving runs in the blood, because I have been told by numerous people, most known yet some not, that I am an excellent father, and acknowledge that I take very good care of my three and half year old son. I consider this caregiving experience and if you have children of your own then you will understand why. I worked for the Perspectives Corporation in Exeter, Rhode Island as a direct support professional but my flame there was short lived, having been involved in a domestic issue that required me to miss a day of work without much notice. It was regrettable and unfortunate losing that job. While employed there however for about 3 to 4 months if I recall correctly, I provided care to three gentlemen with developmental disabilities that lived in a cozy home provided to the three of them free of charge by one of the client's parents. I worked mainly overnights so bathing, preparing for bed, and monitoring throughout the night was typical, as was making brea