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I have CNA/Med Tech. I enjoy helping others who need my assistance. I chose to become a caregiver because I feel good, happy and proud inside myself that I can help a human being when he needs a help. I like being a caregiver when the person I am given care is happy, trust and have confidence in me in assisting her in whatever he/she needs, and that she is well to from her sickness. A personal achievement I am proud of is when the person I am taking care is happy, has confidence, trust in me and that I am a part of her/companion. My name is Christine M. Lutale: Objective to gain employment as a CNA/Med Technician. I have in the field of Caregiver for people from all ages group from the age of 9 years above. I am very energetic, compassionate, caring and above all I enjoy taking care of people who needs assistance. Bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence, easting assistance, transfer assistance, Medical management, meal preparation light house keeping and Companionship. I will love to take care of your Mom, Dad, or Sister because I have been doing this for a long time and have massive experience in dealing with elderly population in terms of Cooking, Laundry, Light lit house keeping. I have been taking care of Disable, blind, Alzheimer disease, Cancer recovery, disorder, Parkinson disease, diabetic disease, and total care of Wheel chair people. I would refer you to Dr. R. Pitts, (301)219-3422. Mr. & Mrs. Vadim