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My name is Brenda young my goal is to help my client live out their life in the comfort of their own home ,being by their side ,given them tender loving care and the support to the very end of life. I have very good reference I will bring to interview ,I am willing to work 12 hr a day, Mon to Friday,live in is a option,mon to Thursday evening 12 hr days 15 a hr for the first 16 Hr, ,love the work I do and work hard for my last 3 client I stay with until the end of life I am a team player, my last few client the doctor and the nurse practiced came to the home we work together as a team, my clients pass in the comfort of their own home , I work along with the hospice nurse as well , I've had a lot of great training, did womb charting all vital signs as well . I give all my very good Care as best as o can ,well,so far none of my client had to go into a nursin home when in my care. I have care for Parkinson's client, cancer client early dementia, MS client, congested hear failure client, and mush more,trained by the sister of st Joseph many year ago as a LPN-I am now a license CNA- med Tech-CPR Please call 240-277-0496. Ms young PS cannot work under 40 per week. Cost of living and to pay rent ,car note and other bills.Any hr less i would not be able to pay my monthly bills. For live in ,As long as I can get 7 hr rest at night liveing in was a better rate. For client who slep at night, but need full time care doing day time,but could not be left alone at night ,that work out for my client in the pass . I am flexible.