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Having a Great Grandmother that suffered from a Stroke , and Alzheimer's Dementia To watching my Grandmother a woman that raised me be defeated by Cancer, is where my care and compassion began . At an early age I was forced to help take care of two of the most influential individuals in my life and although it was hard seeing them in that state of health and mind . I also felt it was my DUTY to repay them With the care , love , and compassion I was given as a child . In the latter years they passed away but the urge to help those in need Continued to tug at me .. so at the age of 19 while I was pregnant with my first son I decided I would take a cna course get my license and help other families in need. I did just that , I took a one month course in April of 2011 and by May of 2011 I took my State Board test and was certified ! I know for my family in general with my Great Grand and Grandmother. It was very complicated to find Good Genuine Help that we could trust with our loved ones .. now don't get me wrong I never said that we didnt eventually get the help needed but in the early stages it was HARD.. and trying to provide care, compassion , love and etc to my loved ones while trying to work full time and take care of my family was hard . I've been there soo I get it , and that's why I decided to take initiative to help make it a little less complicated and stressful to the next family . We were all placed upon this earth for a purpose , and those purposes vary from person to person ... My purpose is to help be a Blessing , Friend, and Caregiver to someone in need.