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I wanted to be caregiver because it's in my nature to care for others. Since i was young i enjoyed taking care of my grandparents, my nieces and nephews. With the elders, I enjoy helping them, listening to their stories and learning from their experiences. I love to laugh with them, taking care of their needs. The word "thank you" from them means a lot to me. It's not just about recognition but a fulfillment that i did something good to them. Being apart from my own parents sometimes makes me feel sad and so when I'm with my patients I make sure that I take good care of them because it's like caring for my own parents too. It makes me feel good when i make them feel comfortable and well taken care of coz that's really important. Sometimes our elders may not need the most intelligent person but rather they need to be surrounded by the people who can truly care for them and can patiently understand their needs especially when they are not feeling good. I am proud to say that for just 2 years of being a caregiver i believe that I able to serve well my patients and their families. With my honest, true and sincere dedication to my work, I know somehow i did a great impact to their lives in a good way. I believe that it's not how long you been a caregiver but it is how you value your work and your patients. I eventually became an LVN coz i know i can help more if I learned more.

Skills & Certifications: Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)