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Since early childhood I knew I wanted to be helpful to those requiring care, transportation and companionship which I have done as an Emergency Medical Provider, Cardiology Technologist, Ward Attendant, Operating Room Technician and other roles I found placing a distance between the patients and I. Then a yearning to return to the patient side, remain at the grass roots level and know them as more than just a patient or client developed. Providing care at the end of life, hospice and palliative care as a member of an interdisciplinary team has allowed me to do that albeit so often a short time. These and other care giving roles both by assignment and private duty on my own have allowed for the benefit of incredible wisdom they have to share. Even those younger than I would often either rekindle an old life lesson or some such experience I had learned from and simply placed somewhere out of the way. Even a surprisingly new and often profound lesson or knowledge that in all my years I hadn't already known or been privy to would be realized. I am truly proud to have taken the knowledge and experience gained back to patients, co-workers, peers as well as other upper echelon staff. My ability to have mentored countless others either entering or developing themselves in chosen careers has been a greatly fulfilling addition to my personal growth and development. Sharing what knowledge and experience one has to offer others including family members is an especially rewarding part of caregiving.