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KRISTEN S. CZAPLICKI CNA, PCA, HHA, ABI Specialist, CPC, CVT . To me, this is not a job to make money in order to retire; although, this IS a goal as a society as a whole. I, on the other hand, have seen such difference in the littlest comment, action, remembering something VERY little, and how much it changes patients outlook, maybe for day, week, next 5 mins., anything makes a difference in other words. So throwing $$ out the window, my joy and goal in my life 1st this point is to make people nearing the end of their lives or who just need care 24/7 and are COMPLETELY with it and extremely intelligent. My patients have met presidents, won Nobel Peace Prizes, some some INCREDIBLE life achievements that blow me away. It is an HONOR and PLEASURE to work with these fabulous patients and listen to their stories. Granted, they forget who I am the minute I turn the corner, but for the hour the patient remembered memories obviously not wanted to be forgotten, I MATTERED to that person, and if it helps them become more at ease, I will do this for the test of my living life. I will not have anyone when I am old and nearing my end, so even a stranger makes a HUGE difference and is like to be that difference for those people right now. There has got to be another reason I am STILL on earth, maybe this may be why. I get VERY attached though and honestly care about making life better for people who have been forgotten, not only by family but our SOCIETY. Let's CHANGE THIS! #alzheimerscare #elderlyhousing #applerehab #Babci #dementiacare #endoflifecare #hospice #caregiversupport #caregiveralzheimers