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I became a caregiver because my mother was a caregiver. I started out in my early twenties working at a small retirement home in Delray Beach Florida. I would joke around with the residents, help them with laundry, make their beds, help them during activity time, and just sit down to have conversation time. I learned very quickly that a little laughter, compassion and empathy goes a very long way. Never in a million years did I think I would be in the same type of job 30 years later. Does that tell you something or what? I have had many clients throughout time. The longest lasting ten years. The shortest maybe a couple of weeks to a couple of days. It all depended on the situation, why I was hired and what type of care was needed. I've always had a good relationship with mostly all my clients. Lets face it, you just can't please everyone all the time. Were human, right? Many times just because a job had ended, didn't mean the relationship with the client or family did. I still keep in contact with some. I enjoy taking care of the elderly because I learn something new with each new case. Just when you think you've heard or seen it all. You haven't. Each one has their own story to tell. It's like I come in as the caregiver but at the same time...I'm the blank pages of their open book, where they begin to write their own story through conversations. It's about their likes and dislikes, their care and concerns, their needs and what needs to be done to be sure those needs are met. My greatest achievements have been that of an open book of communication between myself and my client. Most times the ending story is good. Yet, in truth and fact, sometimes its not always a happy ending. There's sadness and disappointment for one reason or another. Yet, as with every story you move on and start a new chapter in a new book knowing you've done your job to the best of your abilities while providing the best possible care to your client.