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I grew up going to work with my mother as she was a caregiver for the angel network. I learned the importance of patience, empathy and integrity. Caregiving is not always easy, if your caregiver doesn't appreciate this field; in my opinion your senior will not be properly Cared for. I enjoy finding a way to help my senior accomplish a task without making them feel like less of a person or embarrassed. Your loved one should always feel respected, heard, and safe. My approach to aggression, sadness, confusion, etc. is meeting your loved ones emotions and needs on their level. I quickly assess the problem and get back to a trusting common ground. Sometimes all they want Is their feelings acknowledged. This ensures they feel equal and helps keep their sense of dignity. A caretakers most important quality should be compassion and focus. When I walk through your door my phone is off and I'm ready for the day. I will treat your loved one as if she/he were my own family. I have been doing this for several years now and I've witnessed many different styles of care. Positive attitude is key. Keeping my calm helps your loved one to trust me. It's important to me they feel I am happy to be with them. Nobody wants to feel babysat. I pride myself on being able to care without the patient feeling embarrassed or overwhelmed. I try my best to help you feel safe leaving your loved one in my care. Open communication helps your family feel you've made the correct choice and helps me feel comfortable doing my job. I chose caregiving because I love helping people. It is very rewarding even on the difficult days. I never lose my cool. This is important to avoid escalating the issue and causing frustration or anxiety for your loved one. Its rewarding to give you peace of mind. It is more than just a job for me. It is privilege and opportunity to make difference. My certifications and references are seller.