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I'm a new member of the Wichita community. My husband and I moved here from the Manhattan area where I worked as a para educator for 9 years. Needing a change, I worked toward my CNA,CMA, and HHA certifications. I have worked in Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Home Care and Hospice all of which I loved. I have an early work experience as an EMT,(no longer lisenced), and years in phlebotomy. I've also worked as a CNA in a surgical center in various areas of the building. I spent 1 1/2 years after we moved here, recovering from shoulder surgery and working in a preschool center while getting situated in our new to us house. We have two daughters, one is married with a 4 yr old and 8 month old and the other is a Jr in college at Bethel. I grew up a farm girl, spent valuable time with my grandparents, and have been involved in many activities myself and with our kids. My family has always come first and I have always worked jobs that would allow me to live and be in their moments as they were and are happening! We are total hands on grandparents to our grandchildren when needed and possible. I love flea markets, refurbishing furniture, I have my own picture painting site, yard sales, shopping, and being in our yard. My heart and soul are extremely down to earth and when I enter a clients home, they are what matters while I am there. Their comfort and happiness with my work, long after I leave, is important to me until I see them again.
I became a CNA cause I like helping the elderly and being their for them. It makes my day when I put a smile on their faces and hearing them say Thank You. When I did HHA, it made me so happy that a couple of clients did not want anyone else but me and that got my self-esteem and pride up so high, because I never thought I was that good, until then and this was just recently, and they would also ask me if I am coming back and I would say yes and they would say that's great cause we like you and you are a great person and it would feel great when their family member's felt the same way. I have been a CNA for 27 years. I have experience in working in a nursing home and doing home health. And I also helped take care of my mother-in-law that had dementia, which was very sad seeing her have that and when she passed away it made want to do home health, so can help people, be their for them like I was for my mother-in-law. I really enjoy working with the elderly, and plus I always thought that if that was my mom and dad that they deserve the best care because that is what I would expect from everyone, no ifs and butts about. I did not work from Aug. 1997 to Feb.2013 as a CNA due to moving to Wichita, and plus since I did not Work as a CNA for awhile thought I would have to take the whole CNA course all over again and there's no way I could afford that, but then found out that I just needed to get reinstated, so I got it reinstated, which I was so grateful.