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I am a caregiver and have been providing personal care in a small family care home as well as a nursing home setting for over a year and have received many certifications. I have also provided care for my Grandmother since I was 10 years old who was disabled and requiring 24/7 around the clock care. Many individuals come into health care because of the money, the guarantee of a job due to the capacity of many elderly, or disabled people who need assistance, but then there are some such as myself who came into it because the love and care in our hearts for people who can’t perform in their daily lives because of sicknesses and ailments. Being a Caregiver is something I had a passion for when I lost my Grandmother who raised me in 2003 to a stroke that put her in a coma and took her life a week later. I watched her confined to one room when she had a 3 bedroom home that she couldn’t enjoy, I also watched as Nurse’s aides came to the home to provide care for her, but sat and watched TV majority of the time, and talked on the phone instead of performing their assigned work duties, and without family present she would’ve been neglected. I learned at 10 years old how to care for her administering her medication and insulin, prepare the right meals for her as a diabetic, the proper way and time to clean her oxygen machine, how to bath and properly dress her, and how to transition her from her bed or rocking chair to her wheel chair to leave her home. From my heart this is why I ch