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My career as a health care professional is a new one. After many years as an administrative assistant in various not for profits, I made the decision to follow my passion. My interest in this line of work stems from my role as primary care give to my father. Of course I loved my Dad and caring for him was part of the circle of life. I realized after his death that caring for him was an act of love but it also fulfilled in a need in me. It was a privilege to care – to give of myself in a way that would benefit another. I grew up as an only child in a loving home. Was I spoiled -- yes. Was I uncaring -- no. My parents taught empathy and compassion. Those character traits have been with me all of my life but were not necessarily carried into my profession. Now I can merge my spiritual and moral gifts with my work. I read with interest your call for a care giver and it struck a chord in me. The description of the duties outlined are in sync with my definition of my strengths. My name is Randi, I am 65 years old and very interested in your job posting. I am looking for a part time position. I live in Cary. A little bit of my history: I lived in Fairbanks Alaska for 20 years. I am a certified CNA. I have my CPR certification; I have been a Stephen Minister for four years. I have worked as an office manager for the past 15 years at a nonprofit public policy agency until I was recently laid off. This has allowed me to pursue my interest in caring for people, particularly elder care. I speak English, I am a non-smoker as well as a clean driving record. I'd be happy to meet or chat on the phone. Looking forward to hearing from you and I wish you the best of luck with your search!