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Reality. The reality is, is that sometimes our most valued connections in life (family members or friends) aren't available at every waking second. We need to find other resources to help create new valued connections, like me! I have an extreme passion for being able to apply my skills and care into what I do day in and day out, and that serving people!! Whether or not somebody's looking for friend, somebody to help them to the bathroom, or help lift their spirits, I want to be that person! Being a medical caregiver requires more than just knowing how to do certain skills, it's about establishing a connection like no other with the person you are there to treat, heal, help over come illnesses or disabilities! Nothing would make me happier than allowing me to join and assist all of your needs with you and your family. I have a very personal relationship with palliative care and/or hospice healing. I was my mother's main caretaker when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Lung Cancer in early April 2017. I was her advocate. I lifted her up when she needed to be both physically and mentally. I listened to her, provided her professional medical care with anything that needed and/or required critical medical attention (which was often), but mostly I held her hand. Throughout the entire process the pain was hard, unbearable even, but I wouldn't give up. I know what it's like to be on both sides... The family member and the caretaker. But what I can empathize more with is being the actual patient. The relation to both parties is significant for me. I am feeling more than compelled to help out that special family that needs it. If anyone gets it, it's me. One of my favorite questions: "how can I help you?"