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Hi! My name is Kimberly, I am 20 years old and am a biochemistry major on my way to medical school. In addition, I love to work with the elderly. I have a special relationship volunteering at my local hospice and nursing home. I have worked with residents who can and can not hear and have had successful communication with both. I especially work well with those suffering from dimentia. I have spent a lot of time assisting my boyfriend's aunt who has dimentia and have learned great skills that I have been able to use to communicate with many of the reisdents in the nursing home by my school. I have a gentle heart, a love for others, and will cherish every moment both good and bad that I get to spend with your loved one. I have experience taking care of both of my grandparents until they passed away last year. I assisted in transportation, meal prep, bathroom needs, showering needs, cleaning needs, and especially companionship. If your loved one needs transportation and assistance with doctors appointments I am very understanding of medical terminology and will take notes and be able to relay the information to you successfully and accurately if needed. I understand the hardship that comes with caring for a loved one. It was hard for my dad to not be there to take care of his parents but luckily I had the time and desire to. I can understand the frustration you may be feeling and the trust you need to have someone outside of your family help. These times can be hard but let me not only help your loved one, but help you and your family. God Bless.