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I was born with an overabundance of empathy, compassion, and a drive to provide love , care, and companionship to the elderly, special needs childen , and animals ! Starting at the age of 10 years old and in elementary school, I volunteered to be in the reach program at Grandin Court Elementary that paired me with special needs students as their " care buddy " I proudly escorted them to their buses and made sure they were belted in securely in their seat, assited with teaching them how to tie their shoe laces , brush their hair , and escorted them to the restroom and back to class as needed. I read them books , I included them in conversation and play time whenever I could. I chose to eat my lunch with the special needs children every day. Even in high school I sought enployment at Elm Park estates retirement home where I prepared and helped with meals , worked with dementia residents ,parkinson, cancer fighters and survivors. I coordinated fun activities like board game day, card games, walks, and even a dance ! After high school, I provided care to an elderly male with stage four colon cancer and dementia for several years until sadly, he passed on. I later assisted a 92 year old hospice patient with spoon feeding after meal prep, errands , medication reminding , light house keeping, laundry, dressing, and bathing, transportation, attending her doctor appointments and reporting her health and status updates to her family. I worked with her for five years when she passed on. I have always been dependable and punctual as I respect others time and know how critical my job is. I treat all as if they were my own mother, father , or child ! I am an advocate for all who cannot speak up for themselves.