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I am a great care giver because I am compassionate and empathetic. I imagine myself being in their shoes one day. I'm a person that hates to ask for help so I want to anticipate their needs, eagerly offering suggestions. I unselfishly dedicate myself to give the best patient care I can to each and every individual case. I became a caregiver because my great-grandparents were sent to nursing home when I was a teenager to recuperate after a car accident. My great-grandfather never left that home. He quickly deteriorated due to insufficient care. The lack of care or concern coupled with the biggest bed sore in just a matter of weeks stays in my mind to this day. This is where my journey in patient care began. I became a candy striper and volunteered in hospitals and nursing homes. I like being a caregiver because I have an enormous heart and an abundance of patience. I never tire of the same story being repeated. I am interested in what my patients are thinking and want to hear their opinions. I strive to make patients comfortable and at ease with me. I am helpful and kind no matter what the mood of the day is. I welcome the good days as well as the bad days. Being dependable is crucial to offering patients a happy and safe life and I take that responsibility seriously. I want my clients to live with their dignity intact. I will be respectful to your home and have no objections to video's or Nanny cams. Please feel free to protect your loved ones. My proudest achievement is my son Victor. Alone, relying on hard work and being independent I was able to avoid public assistance. I am very proud of that, it was tough, but we made it. July 18, 2011 My son and I were baptized together. My last case before I relocated back to Florida lasted three years. I felt a great sense of pride when I left knowing that I made a big impact in her recovery. I know she was able to reclaim her independence.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)