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CNA/Caregiver symbolized something meaningful for me. It represents caregiving for those who are in need. I am natural caregiver. It comes from my heart. I find satisfaction in providing care for others in need. My heartfelt joy is when I assist others and improve their quality of life. I feel inner happiness when I make my clients more comfortable. When I provide caregiver assistance to clients, they know they are being cared for. I am very proud to have completed the program for Certified Nurse Assistant through American Red Cross including a Certificate of Completion for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED. The Nurse Assistant Training program was approximately 2 months during which I received a Certificate of Achievement for Perfect Attendance. I also received both my license for Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Care Aide Registration Approval from the California Department of Public Health. Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner for over 13 years. Reiki is "UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY"-is a powerful technique of HOLISTIC ENERGY HEALING. Is effective in the prevention of many diseases and energy imbalance in the body and mind: unblocked energy channels, migraines, back pain, relax muscles, improving blood circulation, help release stress and anxiety, strength immune system, ease pain and speed up the recovery process after surgeries, chemotherapy, trauma etc. enhances the rate of body metabolism. Reiki brings you health, peace, joy, harmony and happiness to your heart. Kriya Yoga Initiation / Highest level of meditation methodology and techniques. I radiate with true passion and positivity for my work. I take pride in making people happy and fulfilling their needs, all while pushing my professional aspirations forward. "It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving" Mother Teresa always inspire me. Mother Teresa
I have worked in the "customer service" industry for quite some time now- but I need a change. I believe that working in the customer service industry for over 20 years will transfer over well to the care taking of another soul. I am an intelligent and hard worker. I am also well organized and I learn quickly. I am seeking to connect with people and make a true impact on lives. My father-in- law had a stroke in 2016. This was quickly followed with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. He passed away a short 3 months later. During this time, my husband and I invited him to live with us so we could help take care of him and his day-to-day needs. I also worked with a local, holistic nutritionist to make his j-tube bags (food). (I didn't like the idea of him being sustained on Ensure.) I also helped with the administration of some of his medications, ie: CBD oil and morphine. I enjoy being active and outdoors, so your loved one could get some fresh air with me. I have a passion for cooking, and am good at it, so I wouldn't mind helping out in this area if the need arises. I have a lot of hobbies that I wouldn't mind sharing or teaching to help stimulate the brain like; crochet, beading, and sewing to name a few. We could even sit and read, work a Sudoku puzzle, or color. I love playing board games and card games as well. I do not mind helping out around the house with chores. If help with cleaning duties or laundry is needed, I don't mind pitching in. If there is a trip to the doctor or store that is needed, I can help with the transportation and execution of this need. I believe life is precious. My father-in-laws passing was a great reminder that taking time for others is important. I desire to make a difference in others lives and help lessen the burden that I personally know comes with taking care of a loved one.