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Hello! My name is Ellis Singletary. I am 29 Years Old. I am From Rochester, New York and have been residing in Atlanta, GA for 2 years. I am a reliable, trustworthy, patient caregiver with self motivation and uplifting skills for peers and others who surround me. I am always optimistic about life no matter the situation. I have 5 years of experience within a home health setting and being a caregiver with excellent references to provide. What attracted me to become a caregiver was my mother who I lost when i was 16 years old. During her last stages of HIV, she was not able to be as independent. Because of the love I had for my mother, I ensured that she received the best care as well as the companionship that she desired. 4 years after her passing, I came across a Healthcare agency. After reading the job description, it reminded me of what I provided for my mother. I soon became certified as a Personal Care Aide and have provided excellent services to all my clients. I have worked hours ranging over 40 Hours as needed for my clients. I have also been recommended to clients because of the exceptional care I provided with other clients. I enjoy being a caregiver because I enjoy making a positive impact on lives. I truly enjoy seeing smiles on faces of individuals who otherwise have not smiled or felt the emotion of being genuinely happy. I can ensure YOU that putting your care and safety first is my PRIORITY. Thank you.

Skills & Certifications: Home Care Aide (HCA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)