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1. What makes you a good caregiver? -12 years experience as a caregiver. -Ability to appreciate that people with disabilities have life challenges that require an extra hand. -I am always available to provide care in a professional manner which includes respect for client and handling them with dignity. I am compassionate, respectful and patient whenever I am working with people experiencing life challenges because I know that Caring is the Key to life 2. Why did you become a care giver? -From personal life experience with my grandmother who could not do anything for herself. I felt the need to work in this field. -The feeling that this is where my services are needed most. 3. What do you like about being a caregiver? The kind of service that I provide is a great motivation. It works well with my Christian values. I know that by providing help to the needy, I am serving my God besides getting satisfaction that I am helping to make someone feel happy. When the people I am serving appreciate that I am working for them not only to make an income, but to satisfy my desire to provide service to the needy, I feel very satisfied and motivated. 4. What is a personal achievement you are proud of? I have related very well with the clients, family members and my employers that I have worked for currently and in the past. I find it to be an invaluable experience that makes me feel comfortable and peaceful in my line of duty. This has always been my biggest achievement.

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)