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There are many caregivers, but what makes me a good care giver is I have Empathy and compassion. Ive worked with many different people in different settings such as, homes and nursing care facilities and I've learned that to be a good caregiver you have to show both empathy and compassion. I also have patience. Working as a CNA I learned to have patience because people have many different needs. I learned to put myself in others shoes and to see what things from their point of view and see what it is like to ask people for help. I am also reliable. A great care giver is someone who can be counted on to be there when help is needed. I understand that those needing home care service need a reliable and dependable caregiver. Being a caregiver I had many rewarding experiences, but the most gratifying and memorable experience I had was when I worked in a Nursing Home and a resident was unfortunately passing away and the family of the resident were in the room, I was assigned to the resident and it was very difficult for me because it was when I had barely started working as CNA. I stayed with the resident and talked to the family and told me happy memories they had of the resident. Sadly the resident passed away that night and the next day the family came to the facility and personally told me thank you for being there for their dying family member. They also told my supervisor and they gave me recognition. After that experience I knew being a CNA was more than just a job