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I am an excellent caregiver because I have had over 30 years of experience in all areas of caregiving. Privately and with Local agencies. I have a lot of compassion, patience ,understanding & experience , reliability in diverse areas of caregiving.First Aide and CPR , Hoydr lift, and love cooking FYI!! I have an extensive background In all areas of caregiving and my psychology degree is a definite plus in the understanding of behavior and a nursing student for year and a nurses aide for several years qualifies me in diverse areas of caregiving . I became interested in caregiver after my father passed away at 42 of a stroke I was 16 and worked at an assisted living facility at a young age . Being self-supporting I am flexible with overnights distance traveling using a lift if needed , bathing and I love to cook !! I'm originally from New Jersey . My experience expands in alzheimer's, heart disease, Brain injuries , dementia patients.I am a caregiver in all aspects wherever needed with the family and person in need. Working for the county I have extended experience with disabilities that are wheelchair-bound . I am very social I love to talk and do what is needed , My references speak for themselves , they are excellent and Current. I understand difficulties from teaching special education for the Marin County office of education for 19 years and my specialty is behavioral management and have an excellent driving record. I have two sons that are now ground themselves. I have two sons that are grown themselves now. Please consider meeting with me to see if I am a good fit my reliability, patience, compassion and experience is what you were looking for. ( my rate can always be negotiated depending on the circumstances )