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I became a caregiver when a woman called me for help back in 1979. She had Polio, and I became her caregiver for 27 yrs. I love to interact with my clients and stimulate interested conversations. Also, I like to learn everything regarding their illness to assist them better through their healing process. In addition I like to ask questions, so we all have the same level of understanding regarding client health and be on same page. Cooking is one of the strongest skills. I believe cooking healthy it's one of the strongest process of healing in clients health. I am knowledgable and experience in diabetic, low salt, or regular cooking. I like for client and caregiver relationship to be respectable and professional at all times. Also, I am experience with Hospice clients and I know the importance of this compassion transition is. However, I also have experience with full blown alzaheirmer, parkinstons, dementia, cancer, respiratory, cuadreplegic, cosmetic surgery..... Tummy tucks, facelift, laser face treatment, reconstructive esophagus, G-Tube, JP's drainers, Catherers, follow wound care care after being treated by license nurse and instructed me to follow basis treatment, and other challenges illnesses or follow up treatment (s). Additionally, I can operate most medical equipment. Furthermore, I have enhance background check, strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Work well by myself and in a team if necessary. I am punctual, reliable, responsible, and practice HIPPA seriously. Last, I have excellent recommendation letters. My clients are impress with my assertiveness, and confidence, of my 35 years caregiving experience and skills. Hours, wages, and income are negotiable. For all the above mentioned reasons I do not hesitate to say with confident that I am an excellent caregiver who has professional and ethical work ethics. Currently live in Palm Desert area, however willing to relocate immediately after hired.

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

I am a clinical Social Worker licensed in the state of Colorado. I have recently moved from Denver to Palm Springs California. I have been practicing in the field of social work for 17 years. I am in the process of obtaining my clinical social work license in the state of California. However, the process can take from one to two years to complete. In the mean time. I am seeking a part-time caregiver job that will allow me time to study and prepare for my licensure exams. Most of my work has been with adolescents in clinical mental health settings as well as a professor of social work for 11 years at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I have worked with the adults and at one point in my career was the clinical advisor for the Colorado State Veterans Home. I am a kind, sincere, honest and trust worthy person. I became a social worker because I care about people who are in need of being provided with a better chance of living a good and self-fulfilling life. I am a veteran of the the United States Air Force and believe in integrity, good will and patience with myself and other human beings. I am responsible and very task oriented. I have often been told by others that I would make a great personal assistant to anyone. I am gay and my husband is a Neurologist/Psychiatrist. We are both very excited to be in Palm Springs and away from the bitter cold winters of Colorado. I have a rescue dog named Jagger who is eight years old. I enjoy great conversations, history especially mil