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I allows myself to be in the patients position,and if I were in their shoes I want to be treated as a whole person,my mother-in-law was hit by a car speeding driving drunk and when the family goes to see her in the hospital i saw where she was not being taken care of like she should so i told my husband thank and the staff at the hospital that I would care for her needs,so when the agreement was made I step in and every day I was at mount siani hospital day and like at every shift change i would be there to bath her in bed she was bed ridden make sure she was turn every 2hr to keep her from getten bed decubitus,and keep her feet rub down with Vaseline and butties so she wouldn't break down i did all three shift,that kept them from amputate her leg it was broken in 2 places I did her range of motion's that inspired to to get cerfrited and started working as a nursing assistance that I take pride in giving the patients some felling of selworth and I can do my job and know the the patients didn't fell like they was along because even if they have a track the eye's speaks because of the care that I can given them my best asset is the patients i take pride i fell like if that was that's how I want to fell safe and sincere that all my needs was met 23 year's I worked as caretaker I seen death smile and I will always remember how the patient would open up to you when the right care is given I had them pass away while I was cleaning the up given ADL,is something I do very well I started working the pay back then was $2.45 hr I still gave my all using my hands is my greatest access is the care I give